FreeHooks Review – Is Free Hookups Really Free?

Free Hookups is a dating/hookup Web site that claims to offer free dating services for members. In reality they only give you limited information for free such as your name, e-mail address and perhaps your city. That is it. They make a few sales pitch later on, when you register for their full-service membership. Then they leave you hanging after charging you your fee.

What is really wrong with Free Hookups? It is very misleading to the spezielle dating gemeinschaft. Many free dating Web sites are full of paid individuals looking to scam you. Just like any other paid Web site, FreeHooks takes your credit card information. This is especially true since many of the profiles on FreeHookups are set up by spammers who horde up fake profiles in hopes of trying to solicit money from you. You don’t need to worry about scams with FreeHookups, though, because there have been very few incidences of people trying to take advantage of members who signed up for their free trial.

What FreeHookups does is provide a valuable tafelgeschirr for the dating community. It allows users to create a free profile, which can include uploading a photo, writing a schreiben profile about yourself, etc. which then includes a link to a free online hookup. Once you’re connected to your date, you both have the opportunity to begin to contact each other using FreeHookups. I would definitely recommend FreeHookups as an online dating option, but it is not something I would recommend for long term relationships. Try other spezielle dating options first.

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